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Imagine yourself...

Rocking out in show choir...or landing a spot in a musical...or singing solo...or overcoming vocal challenges...or honing your artistry and singing technique as you quickly prepare for an audition!

I can imagine that too!

My vast career experience has prepared me to help you in all things voice! I've held university voice faculty positions in 4 states, landed leading roles in professional opera and musical theatre companies, been a salaried church soloist/section leader, performing arts educator in the schools, vocal music teacher and choral conductor in private and public schools, show choir director and performer, and my latest credential...vocologist/singing-voice specialist.

What does a voice lesson look like?

No matter the style, be it classical, musical theatre, pop, choral, country, folk, rock, or contemporary commercial, you'll discover a responsive breath, purposely navigate registrations, condition throughout your entire vocal range, and play with a variety of resonances while telling stories! I can accompany you on the piano for added support.

Is prior experience needed?

Not at all - I work with students of many ages and skill levels.


Are additional materials required?

Yes - lesson materials are individualized and working from original scores is necessary. I'll help you find what you need as cost-effectively as possible, and can even guide you when choosing accompaniment tracks for practice.

How often should I take a lesson, and do I need to practice?

Singing involves building muscle memory and it uses fine motor skills. I can help you achieve quick, short-term results during lessons. If you want to achieve long-term changes you'll want to schedule consistent intentional practice. For best progress, weekly lessons are recommended.

Summer Special Purchase Options are Now Available to be Paid in Advance:

  • By the Hour 
  • Package of 4 hours (use by August 15, 2023)
  • Package of 6 hours (use by August 15, 2023)

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